Medical Information (Concussions, SCA)


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View the CT Concussion Task Force Video

View/Download the Concussion Video Sign Off Form

View the  Student & Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form


The Student & Parent Concussion Informed Consent Form is a two page informational document that CTRA is required by law to provide     parents/guardians and athletes (including intramurals/club sports) annually. Student and Parent/Guardian must attest to have read the document.

Our Student Athletes and Parent/Guardian are encouraged to watch the  “CT Concussion Taskforce Video”.  



View/Download the Student & Parent Sudden Cardiac Arrest Consent Form 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Informed Consent Form 

This document was developed to provide parents/legal guardians of student-athletes with current and relevant information regarding sudden cardiac arrest, or SCA. This form is required to be read, signed, dated and provided to the student-athlete’s school annually, indicating the parent/legal guardian’s authorization for the student-athlete to participate in intramural or interscholastic athletics.



View/Download the  Sports Participation Health Assessment Forms

Current medical forms needs to be on file with the nurses office before we will permit a student to participate on a sports team or club sport (e.g., first day of practice/tryouts).  The medical form is not an electronic form and needs to be submitted as a paper copy.  The medical form must be handed into our nurse’s office.  A copy of the State Health Assessment form is attached below or may be obtained from the nurse during school hours.  A medical form is considered current if it is less than 13 months old as of the last day of the applicable sports season your child is participating in.  If your student-athlete participates in more than one sport/club season make sure the medical form is current prior to the beginning of any new sport season.

Returning students please review the date of your last physical to make sure one is not due to expire (more than 13 months old) mid-season, and if “yes” make arrangements for an appointment well in advance of this expiration date.  Please also be proactive and send the updated form into the nurse’s office in advance of the expiration of the 13 month period. Otherwise, new students please submit a new medical form some time over the summer.