Dress Code

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 1.55.19 PMAcceptance of admission to CTRA implies agreement to abide by our school’s dress code.  The dress code for CTRA requires scholars to wear school approved shirts and pants.  A school logo must be shown at all times, therefore outerwear that covers school logo cannot be worn throughout the school day.  Scholars who arrive to school out of dress code will not be allowed to attend any class until they are appropriately dressed. School uniforms can be obtained from Lands End.


–        Must be chino, dress, or cargo style – jeans, leggings, stretch, workout/athletic, jeggings, and sweat pants are not allowed

–        Must be solid colored in black, blue, brown, grey, or khaki – no camouflage or other patterns

–        Free from rips, and holes, even if there is a lining underneath.

–        Worn at the waist, belted if necessary.

–        Shorts and skirts must fall within 6 inches of top of the scholar’s knee.

Polos, T-shirts, sweaters, fleeces, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, zip-up sweatshirts 

–        School logo must be visible on the outer most layer.

–        Tops with school logo are in gray, navy, light blue, white, black, and red.

–        Shirts worn beneath uniform must be free from promotion of or reference to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and offensive signs, symbols, or words. Solid colors without print are encouraged.

–        Tank tops and crop tops are not allowed.


All shoes must have soles.  Slippers, rubber flip-flops, and slip-ons are not allowed.  While closed toed shoes are not a necessary part of the daily dress code, due to the nature of our academic programming scholars may be required to wear shoes that are closed toed and closed heel for some classes as determined by the teacher.


Other Important Dress Code Information:


Scholars may not wear hats, hoodies, or any other type of head covering.   Headbands may be worn, but can be not wider than 3”.  Hats, hoods, or any other headgear must be removed upon entering any CTRA building.

Sunglasses:  Scholar may not wear sunglasses in school.

Jewelry:  All jewelry must be school appropriate.  Nameplates/necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings may not contain obscene or profane language.

Coats/Jackets: All outerwear without school logo must be stored in the scholar’s locker before the start of classes.  Outerwear may not be worn in the hallways or classrooms except immediately before and after school.

Socks: Must be school appropriate with no references to drugs or marijuana.


Dress Code Item Donation

Scholars and their families are encouraged to donate clean, gently used dress code items that are no longer wanted to the school for use as needed.  Such donations should be brought to the main office.

**Families in need of financial assistance should contact the assistant principal atJTFoster@CTRiveracademy.org.


Dress Down Days

Dress down days for scholars will be held on all ½ day Fridays.  On these days, scholars are not required to wear a top showing the school logo and may wear jeans or patterned pants/skirts/dresses. Pants must be free from worn spots and rips. All rips are forbidden, even those with lining under them. All other dress code rules apply. Failure to comply will result in a loss of dress down privileges for the rest of the semester.


Birthday Dress Down Days

In an attempt to build relationships with all scholars, the assistant principal offers a special birthdaydressed down pass. In order to obtain one, scholars must meet with the assistant principal at least one week before his/her birthday and share a story about his/her life. The assistant principal will do the same, before handing over the dress down pass.

 Ordering Dress Code Items

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