Special Education

CTRA’s vision is to graduate each scholar with the confidence and competence to use his/her gifts to engage in a successful future. To that end, the Special Education department provides specially designed instruction and related services support to students who have qualified for special education. Our teachers and paraprofessionals work with students in a wide range of programming with the intention to encourage, inspire, develop self knowledge and educate. Students are encouraged to use their high school years as a time to learn about themselves and plan for post-secondary education and employment.

Meet Our Team

Windy Petersen, Student Support Services Supervisor 
Elizabeth Diaz, Special Ed./Assistance Office Manager
Britney Grant, Special Education Teacher
Alicia Klauer, Special Education Teacher
Donna Murphy, Special Education Teacher
Tara Smith Special Education Teacher
Kara Urso, Speech Language Pathologist
Vanessa Leone, School Social Worker, LCSW
Liz Barlow, School Social Worker, LCSW
Afrika Lyons, School Psychologist, NCSP

Roberto Gonzalez, Intervention Specialist
Eileen Young, Intervention Specialist


Information about Special Education

Information about Specific Disabilities


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